🤔 Axe-Fx Alternatives [That Don't Suck]

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Howdy shredheads!

Trust you're all well. Guess what? I changed the design of the email. AGAIN!

Is this one better? I definitely prefer it – the last one was a bit too busy.

Let me know what you think – good or bad.

We have A LOT of stuff to get through this week, including the One Cool Thing video, the new podcast episode, some general news, and an in-depth gear guide...

So let's dig in!

The One Cool Thing Video

video preview

Useful Stuff

New Podcast Episode: New Epiphone Guitars – But We End Up Talking About TOOL For 40 Minutes.

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Latest News

Thomann Turns 70! And It’s Celebrating With MEGA DEALS

Thomann marks its 70th with amazing deals. Despite its age, it's ready to celebrate in style with offers on its Harley Benton brand and more.

Positive Grid Spark Link: A Quick Overview + What It Does

The Spark Link by Positive Grid introduces wireless playing for its Spark amplifiers and beyond, promising cable-free convenience and quality.

Gibson Confirms Slew of Jimmy Page Signature Models For 2024

Gibson teams up with Jimmy Page for a new line of signature guitars, blending iconic design with legendary sound for Led Zeppelin fans and guitar enthusiasts.

Adam Jones Epiphone 1979 Les Paul Custom Price & Release Date

The awaited Adam Jones Epiphone 1979 Les Paul Custom arrives, offering top specs at a fraction of the cost of its Gibson counterpart.

Slayer’s BACK! Trash Titans Announce First Shows In Five Years

Slayer announces a surprise comeback with their first shows in five years, thrilling fans with the return of the thrash legends.

PRS SE CE 24 Standard Satin Sets “ALL-TIME” Low For SE Pricing

The PRS SE CE 24 Standard Satin model hits a new affordability record, offering professional PRS quality at an unprecedented price.

In-Depth Gear Guide

Axe-Fx is HELLA expensive. It's brilliant but my god it costs a lot of money. Are there any good, cheaper alternatives for mere mortals like you and I?

Of course there are, and we've got all the best ones – from premium to ultra-affordable – listed inside our guide to The Best (Cheaper) Axe-Fx alternatives for 2024.

That's it for this week, see you next Friday!


PS – if you have any questions or need help with anything guitar and/or production related, just drop me a line by replying to this email.

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